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Marketing Your Book Using Simple Book Trailer Videos

Hi, I am Bruce Jones and this article is on marketing your book with video marketing, so one of the questions I see floating around in a couple of the publishing groups I am in, was how to get started marketing your book using video and somebody was talking about it was just too...


Marketing Your Book with Video

Basic video book marketing anyone can do for their new or existing book. I show you how to quickly make a book trailer video and then spread it around the web. Your video should include: 1. What I have got, your book, hold it up 2. What it will do, describe your book, benefits, story,...


CreateSpace is Closing and All Books are Moving to Kindle Direct Publishing

This is the big news that we have been waiting for. We have been watching the signs for a while. Kindle has been adding services and support around their new print side. This September Amazon announced the closing of and the moving of all books can either do...


How I Market and Sell Over 4,000 Books a Year on Amazon

In today's video I take you through how I market and sell over 4,300 copies of my books on Amazon a year. I take you through all the methods I use to promote and sell my books on Amazon. Including building custom websites and blogs, social media, video, email and more. For each category of books...