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  6-A. Bonus Training: Working with Photo Images for Your Journal Book

In this bonus live training session I cover a series of question that I get asked about using and customizing photos in journal books. For this training I work in PowerPoint but most of the tips will also work with InDesign.

  • Key to remember that CreateSpace needs a ½” margin around the outside of the page.
  • We talked about where to put photos on the page. Do you put them on inside, outside, to the blue line that comes with the template or the outside of the images.
  • How you bring photo onto the page, Using the Insert photo command or Dragging the photos onto the page
  • Dealing with different sizes, showing how, using a box as a template you can even everything up
  • How to crop images in PowerPoint
  • How to make photo Black and White in PowerPoint, this was cool I had forgetten all about this. You can also use Photoshop to change the color.
  • Label your photos so you can easily find the correct ones. We talked about file maintance and organization. Important for keeping organized.
  • Adding Captions, Yes people love captions on their images. Often reading the captions first.
  • Where do you put the photos inside of the page or on the outside, where do the photos go? Most people put them on the outside edge of the journal pages. But it is up to you, I talk about it
  • Adding page numbers? Usually with journal books you don’t have page numbers, but depending on what you are doing it can work.