10. Marketing and Selling Your Coloring Book, Overview Tips of What You Can Do

Selling Your Book Overview

Book Selling

• Creating a good cover with a clear, understandable title

• The cover needs to work as a thumbnail on Amazon

• Release your book as a series

• Start the next book in the series at the end of the current book.

• Drop a thumbnail of the book and where you can get it at the back of your book

• Cross-sell your books inside of your books

• Promote other products in your book, ends of chapters are great spots for this

• Add your web address or Amazon Author Central address on the title page, on Kindle it should a live link, in print make it easy to copy

Selling Your Book Before Publishing Your Book

• Start building your author platform, email, social media, off line, friends and family.

• Start posting about your book while you are creating it.

• Search for and connect with your influencers, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, email lists

• Talk about your book on social media and your other platforms

• Start building your author/book website/blog site

• Build a media page, book page, resource page and bio page for your site

• Build your book media kit, elements to be hosted on your website/blog

Amazon Marketing and Selling

• Having a great clear book cover thumbnail

• On print books have a good back cover, opening paragraph, 3-4 features, author bio

• Good clear title, “Don’t Make Me Think” about the subject of your book

• Good description text, format in paragraphs, include your books Table of Contents. Wrap in your categories and keywords

• Design your book to work well with the “Look Inside” feature

• Use the Amazon social media links on the right

• Good author bio text

• Release your book in series

• Sign-up for Amazon Author Central

Launch Week

• Buy a copy of your book before you launch, be sure everything is working, this will begin the ranking and category selection

• Have several friends purchase your book and give a review

• Announcing the launch of your book on your social media platforms, Facebook, through your email list, basically to your entire platform

• Ask people to buy your book and give reviews

• Post the results of the launch on Facebook and your other platforms and if your book is climbing up the Amazon rankings.

• Try to build the launch as an event

Online Marketing and Selling

• Set up an author/book website/blog site. Include a media page, book page, resource page and bio page for your site

• Blog the book, if picture book, then post the images. At the end of each post include a short author bio, highlight the book and a live link to Amazon

• Wrap ads for your book around the content on your website or blog, link to Amazon. You are advertising your own book around your own book content.

• Create a book trailer video, include a call to action, description and live links to Amazon

• Create other video content about and around your books topic. Include good descriptions, live links, calls to action

• Repurpose your video across all of your social media and web properties

• Where ever your audience is you are. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat. If they are there then so are you. Be sure to include live links to Amazon whenever you can.

• You are constantly driving people up to Amazon or to a book sales page with links to Amazon. You want a clear path to purchase

• Update all bios, Linkedin, Facebook, Amazon Author Central, Twitter, your business website. Anywhere you have a bio, now include the book in the text. Adam Smith, author of XYZ, is the product manager . . . Mary Johnson, product manager at XYZ Co., is pleased to announce the release of her latest book, ABC on product marketing, etc.

• Add your book title with link to your email signature

• Add a board on Pinterest for your book, add links to Amazon. Just like your blog, post your pictures, or charts, or best tips. Whatever you have got

• Does your company have a corporate newsletter, they all have What’s New sections. They are always looking for new content

Off-Line Marketing and Selling

• Add a picture of your book to your business card, put it on the back. Update your marketing material to include your book

• Contact local media, weekly newspaper and community mailings. They all love local person just became a published author. This is a feel-good story. You can then repurpose the content, grab the links from their website, make a press package, drop the book placement on your website. Don’t miss these opportunities.

• Do you speak from the stage, do conferences, conduct workshops, do breakfasts, all great places to sell or give away your book. This can be very profitable. Tip: price your book at $10 or $20 dollars. Avoids having to make change. Sell on Amazon for $19.95, sell in person for $10, author discount. Purchase from CreateSpace for $4.50 or less. CreateSpace has excellent author prices.

• Work your book into your job, or consulting or starter package. To work with you they need to buy the starter kit, includes the book.

• Use your book as a calling card and lead magnet. People don’t through away books. Be sure to include all of your services in the back of your book.

• Are there local stores or outlets in your neighborhood that might like to sell? If you published your book through CreateSpace retail stores might not be able to order books, but you can print the book and then bring it to them. If you see this as an opportunity for your book then purchase your own ISBN number and print your book through IngramSpark. Which is part of Ingram the world’s largest book distributor.

• Once you have released your book you might get offers to conduct small talks at libraries and other locations on how you did it. Great opportunities to sell your book.

• In your community. I went on a walk with a photographer recently and he sold books out of his car on the location we walked. You want to look for these opportunities.

• Book signing party, coffee shop, libraries.