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  5-B Case Study, How I Launched My Book to #1 International Best Seller

Book Marketing Checklist Best Seller.pdf

How I Launched Book Marketing Checklist to #1 International Best Seller Status

Launch Day is here for my book, Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishers. It was a roller coaster ride. Launching a book is an exciting and exhausting experience. I have released a lot of books over the years but this book was my first #1 best selling book and #1 internationally in Australia and Canada. And also a bestselling book in Great Britain and Germany.

This was also the first time that I actually had a plan of how to do it and then used it. I used my own book to launch my own book. When it came time to launch I actually open up the launch section and followed my own Level 1 plan. Over all, the launch took about 40 hours of work to run, 20 hours of prep and 20 hours or so for the actual launch. Download this pdf and follow the case study of how I did it.