Step 10. Uploading and Publishing Your Book

10. Uploading and Publishing Your Book

Prepare your book files and upload them to the appropriate site for publishing. Below are the basic tasks but the how to details are more involved.

1. E-Book. Two files are needed, the book insides saved in html and a cover saved as a jpg file. Upload both files to KDP.Direct/Kindle/Amazon. Kindle in the help area has detailed instructions on how to save your files. There are also several books and videos on this. I also cover this in my Easy Kindle Books course.

One of the last tasks you do before publishing is create your books Table of Contents. For Kindle books this is done at the end of the project. If you have used H1 Header Styles in Word, you will be able quickly create the TOC. On a PC the links from the TOC to the Chapter heads happen automatically. On a Mac you will need to use the hyperlink feature and manually make the links to make them clickable.

2. A print book. Upload your book files to, they are the print-on-demand self-publishing side of Two high res pdf files are required, one for the interior and the other for the cover. Your cover file needs to be a complete cover spread with the back, spine, front and bleeds all around. CreateSpace also has a Cover Creator option that you can use to make a cover. Not as much control as you have if you make your own but it works.

3. A quick print book. Usually bound by staples. You will create two pdf files, the interior usually done page by page set up with MS-Word or InDesign and a cover set up at 11” x 8.5”. Covers can be made yourself or through or or a local freelancer. PowerPoint also works pretty well. Create two pdf files and take them to a local quick print shop for printing. Instruct them to run the files out and stapled to make a booklet. For the interior of the book, set your page setup to 5.5” x 8.5”. The cover will be 8.5” x 11” landscape if your book is under 24 pages.

Your local copy or print shop

4. PDF book. For your PDF book you will use just the front cover from one of the above formats. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat you will be able to insert a PDF of the cover into your book document. If you don't then I recommend creating a cover on the first page of your document. You can create your PDF by going to the Print menu and selecting PDF as your printing option. Create the file and you are ready to go. You can distribute your book on your web site, through your email manager or on a site like Gumroad or Sellfy

5. Route. If you are going the bookstore route (which I don't advise when starting) then you will need to download their specs. Creating your book is going to be very similar to CreateSpace but a key difference is that the image files need to be in CMYK. This is four color processing. You will also need a pdf interior book file and a cover file.

Add Your Metadata for Each Book

If you are publishing your e-book through Kindle/Amazon or your print book through CreateSpace/Amazon, or Ingram, you will need to upload the two pdf files and then add all the metadata: descriptions, author bio, categories, keywords and pricing.

A. Set up your free accounts at Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace,com

B. Upload your book files to Kindle/Amazon or CreateSpace/Amazon

C. Fill in all of the description copy, pricing, categories and keywords.

D. Review the uploaded books using the Amazon proofing features.

E. Push the book live on CreateSpace or Kindle or get it printed. You are Published!!!

Because of CreateSpace/Amazon and print-on-demand technology only books that have sold will get printed, packed, and shipped. You don’t have to do anything, No need for a garage full of books. For Kindle, electronic files of the book are delivered to an e-book reader right after someone has purchased.

If you are going the quick print direction just print what you need when you need it. When I have used this option I have printed as low as 5-10 copies and maybe up to 30 at a time. The goal is no garage full of books. Give them away to your customers.

Remember also that CreateSpace can print bulk orders of your book. Their pricing is excellent and it is a great way to have a high quality book to give away or sell locally.