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  Step 1. DOWNLOAD: Yes You Can Write a Book Workbook, PDF

Yes You Can Write a Book Workbook.pdf

1. Write down the 10 best tips or lessons on or about your business, or your expertise or your knowledge. Keep these to one or two sentences each. #1 is your best then follow with 9 more.

Be sure to download the workbook and then post your top 10 list over on the Facebook How to Publish Your Book Group page

A. Write down your #1 best business or experience tip or lesson.

B. Now write down nine additional lessons. Keep these to a sentence or two. No paragraphs just the lessons.

C. Use the Google Top Ten Tips in search technique, the Amazon Book Table of Contents or the Book Review technique to find and flush out your ideas.

These are the main tips or lessons about your experience or expertise that you want to pass on to the next person or might be useful to a customer. This is the core of your book. This first pass is a quick exercise. You most likely know all of these right off the top of your head. I usually start this process by asking, “what is your number 1 tip?” Don’t do a lot of thinking on this, don’t self edit, just write down your number 1 tip. Ok now write 9 more and you are done. You can always change these later, but these tips are usually the things you tell people all the time, or the things people ask you about.

Step 1
Write out your #1 best business or life experience tip or question you get asked. If you had to give one piece of advice on your topic this would be it. Don’t think to hard about this, just get it out.

And then write out nine more of your best tips or questions. Keep these to one or two sentences each. I have include work sheets in the book that you can print out or fill in in pdf and save.